F.M. Bradley

    • Aliases: Brad Veal, F. Marshal Bradlee, F. Marshall Bradley, F.M. Bradlee, F.M. Bradley, F.M. Bradly, Field Marshal Bradley, Field Marshall Bradely, Field Marshall Bradley, FM Bradley, Marshall Bradley
    • Age: 63
    • Height: 193
    • Weight: 100
    • Rating: 4.79
    • Views: 39 976
A sturdy, well-built African-American stud who blazed his way through the mid-80's hardcore scene, F.M. Bradley was the antithesis of the typical hardcore stud. Rather than overstay his welcome (as so many male stars have done over the years), F.M. went out on top, leaving the business while still at the peak of his passionate powers. Born on December 8, 1953, F.M. didn't get into porn until he was already in his thirties. As such, he was already sporting a balding pate atop his swarthy 6'3" frame. F.M. came across like a man possessed in many of his sex scenes, cranking up the heat with his ultra-energetic approach to on-screen action. Maybe he was making up for lost time. He first got into hardcore in 1984, and wasted no time in establishing himself as the most reliable black stud on the scene. F.M. never had a problem performing, whether paired up with greasy grannies or fiery young sex kittens. Within a couple of years, he was the most popular and recognizable black face in the industry. It was safe to say that any flick with the word 'black' in the title made during the 80's has a pretty good chance of featuring at least one scene with the Field Marsh. Among his best flicks is the 1987 classic 'Adventures of Dick Black, Black Dick.' F.M. played the title role of a black private eye and turned in the performance of a lifetime. He sexed his way through almost every scene, including a fantastic interracial scorcher with a very youthful Jeanna Fine. Another stand-out from this era is 87's 'Harlem Candy,' in which F.M. finds himself in a ferociously frenzied fling with a young Shanna McCullough. 'Satisfaction Jackson' found F.M. in the clinch with Shanna (again) and Renee Morgan in a pair of pulse-pounding plunges. 1988's 'Pillowman' also shined, as F.M. and Peter North treated gorgeous Aja to a steamy interracial threesome. F.M. bailed the industry soon after hitting his peak, leaving in 1988 to pursue outside interests. Whatever those may have been, he was back for (a little bit) more in 1993 and 1994. He sexed his way through a string of black-themed romps for the 'Ebony Erotica' and 'Dark Alleys' lines, among others. F.M.'s searing scene with Paree in 'Sean Michaels' On The Road 2' stands out as one of his finest efforts of that go-round. Bradley then disappeared from the scene yet again. He reemerged briefly as a fledgling hardcore director, helming the 1999 releases 'Nasty Girls 1' and 'Badd Girls 1' for East Coast-based Gentlemen's Video. He then promptly disappeared from the scene once again. Whether he'll ever return to his studly ways is a mystery, but rest assured that if he does make another carnal comeback, the rest of the guys in the business better watch their backs.

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