Jake Andrews

    • Nationality: American
    • Province / State: OH
    • Age: 53
    • Eye color: {$lang.models.eye_colors[$eye_id]}}
    • Height: 182
    • Weight: 88
    • Rating: 5.00
    • Views: 2 824
Like so many stars, Jake Andrews (aka Mark Bandero) was once just a Midwestern kid who moved west and ended up on video sticking his dick in men for money. Interestingly, he became a porn star because his boyfriend was starting in the business and Jake wanted a piece of the action. Isn't that one of those great moments of kismet for which we should be grateful? The 1992 debut of Jake Andrews, with his epitome-of-chiseled features, super toned physique, and romantic shock of curly hair (trimmed neatly), was a revelation in the gay porn world. He has since become a legend with more than 60 films to his name.

Jake Andrews's New Albums

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