Misty Regan

    • Aliases: Misty Blackmore, Misty Blue, Misty Mallory, Misty Middleton, Misty Munroe, Misty Raegan, Misty Raegen, Misty Reagan, Misty Regan
    • Nationality: Australian
    • Age: 54
    • Rating: 4.20
    • Views: 37 419
Anyone who could be married to porn director/producer John T. Bone must be a sexual dynamo, and Porn Star Misty Regan certainly is that and then some. Misty Regan is a sexy redhead with a pretty smile and a killer set of eyes that could bore a hole through steel with their sexy leer. Misty Regan's got a body built for porn, a wondrously top-heavy collection of curves and soft skin that she can contort into the wildest positions imaginable. Misty Regan is a wild, adventurous sexual creature who is happy to oblige the most wickedly sensual ideas that her director can come up with. Misty Regan made her first hardcore appearance in 1981 as a sex-mad rich bitch in 'Nothing To Hide.' From there, it was onward and upward through the porn world. Misty Regan was a noted oral specialist, and one of her best performances is in Bone's 1989 film 'Deep Throat Fantasies,' where she engages in a climactic carnal contest to see who has the deepest throat of all. Misty Regan wins, hands down. Misty Regan's also a highly exuberant and creative Sapphic lover, and her fruit-filled romp with Erica Boyer in 'Night of the Headhunter' is a sweet and sticky delight. Misty Regan's carnal career was still going strong well into the 90's, proving that experience and a natural ease in front of the camera still count for something in the porn industry.