Max Delong

    • Age: 43
    • Eye color: {$lang.models.eye_colors[$eye_id]}}
    • Height: 185
    • Weight: 81
    • Rating: 0.00
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I'm Max Delong. I live in the Los Angeles, CA. area. I was a magazine model and in few television commercials before I decided to get into porn. While in my local Hollywood gym shower, I was always used to getting stares, and being followed around in the locker room, while some would make comments on my huge fat flaccid cock, which hangs a fat 9' soft and grows to an incredible fat 14 Inches! This one time a well known photographer was in the showers with me and asked he could take some art nude photos of me for his upcoming book. Once the book was released, I was getting more porn offers than usual, I turned them all down and decided to create my own company Max Entertainment, Inc. in 1998 What I like to do for fun is see hot men with their assholes and mouths stretched and wrapped around my Fat Horse Cock
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