Sylvie Courtois

    • Aliases: Sandrine Marove, Sylvie Courtois
    • Nationality: French
    • Rating: 4.24
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«Sylvie Courtois (AKA Sandrine Marove) is surely one of the most distinctive actresses in porn. With her ultra-petite (but perfectly proportioned) figure, her short blonde hair, and her delicate, angelic face, she fit the type sometimes referred to as "waifish" or "gamine". When paired with a larger-than-average actor, she could appear almost child-like due to her tiny size. Unlike many in her profession whose on-screen personae were lascivious, coarse or even whorish, she was always graceful, dignified and ladylike -- even when taking a cock in her ass. Like a few other French porn performers of her day, she was also a creditable actor. True, that's not why you'll enjoy watching her, but it does make whatever fantasy she's portraying all the more believable. Unfortunately for us (but probably fortunate for her), she only appeared in about a dozen movies in 1988-'89, as well as some photoshoots for European porn magazines.»