Eric Price

  • Aliases: Charles Warner,Charley Stone,Charlie Martin,Charlie Stone,Dan Carter,Eric Porter,Erick Price
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  • Astrological Sign: Cancer
  • Birthdate: 16 July, 1963
Eric Price is a clean-cut looking guy who could easily pass for a stockbroker or investment banker if you didn't already know what he did for a living. He's a short-haired stud who has somehow managed to avoid growing any facial hair during a lengthy carnal career, despite the wild changes in men's fashion over time. With a decent build and a winning smile, Eric's known as one of the better looking studs in the business. He's been romantically linked with some of the hottest women in porn at one time or another. And he doesn't confine himself to pleasing the ladies, either -- Eric's a confirmed bisexual who appears in gay films under the name Eric Price. Born on July 16, 1963, Eric first got into porn way back in 1988. He immediately established himself as something different in the industry. Eric didn't jump right in and churn out hundreds of flicks, but rather carefully picked and chose his roles and partners. He hooked up with Paula Price during the late 80's, appearing with her in a string of features like 'Anal Intruder 5' that contained her most passionate moments. The couple broke up in the early 90's and Eric continued his carnal career with a string of incendiary performances in flicks like '19 and Nasty 1,' where he joined Lauren Hall and Brigitte Monroe in the video's hottest scene. By the late 90's, Eric was seeing Jill Kelly -- off camera and on. He spent most of 1997 and 1998 appearing in features opposite her, including a searing back door boff in 'Shameless Desire.' The couple also sizzled their way through a feverish scene in 'S.M.U.T. 1' and delved into some searing back door boffing in 'Perfect Pink 1: Soaking Wet.' In all, Eric and Jill performed together in over fifty features, establishing themselves as one of the most prolific hardcore couples of all time. By 1999, Eric and Jill's relationship hit the skids, and he was back to being a solo stud-for-hire. He's kept himself fairly busy in the years since, appearing in a handful of flicks each and every year. Among the best of his post-Jill years are 'Stray Cat,' where Eric joins Temptress and Jessica Jewel for a ravenous threesome, and 'Erotic Eye,' in which Kristal Summers and Eric enjoy some one-on-one fun. Eric Price is one of the most prolific and talented studs in hardcore, a man who's spent the better part of fifteen years in pursuit of the ultimate sexual thrill. He even added directing to his repertoire, helming a random smattering of features like 'Just 18 4' and 'Visage' in 1999. It's safe to say that whatever twists and turns the industry makes, Eric Price will be right there twisting and turning with it.
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