Mimi Morgan

  • Aliases: Louise McMurry, M. Maitsse, Michele Moore, Mimi Matisse, Mimi McCoy, Mimi Morga, Mimi Riley, Mimi Sanderson, Susan Smreker
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One of the unsung heroines of 1970's hardcore, Porn Star Mimi Morgan dazzled audiences with her unbridled performances throughout the decade of disco and Jimmy Carter. Mimi Morgan was a petite little cutie with a waif-like figure that provided a welcome contrast to the naturally busty babes of 70's porn. In fact, Mimi Morgan had a pair of the tiniest breasts in the business, giving her a youthful look that landed her plenty of work. Mimi Morgan got into hardcore in the early 70's, working her way up through the ranks of quickie loops. Her easy-going nature and girl-next-door looks got audiences interested, but it was her fiery ways behind closed doors that really perked them up. Mimi Morgan never quite reached the level of true porn star, spending most of her time in the industry in small supporting roles. A notable exception is her performance in 1979's 'Sissy's Big Summer,' where she sizzles her way through three searing sex scenes, including a scorcher with Tony Bond and Sharon Kane near the film's end that's easily one of the hottest of her career. Mainly, though, Mimi Morgan landed small parts like her appearance in 1977's 'The Island Of Dr. Love,' where she took on John Seeman in a spicy romp that was her only scene in the film. One of Mimi Morgan's most well-remembered performances can be found in 1976's 'Dixie,' where she plays the two older sisters of Abigail Clayton in a fabulous dual role. Mimi Morgan left the business in 1979 after appearing in just over 25 steamy features.
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