Tracey Adams

  • Aliases: Debbie Blaisdell,Deborah Blaisdell,Tracy Adam,Tracy Adams,Traci Adams
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  • Country: United States
  • Province / State: MD - Maryland
  • City: Severna Park
  • Birthdate: 06 June, 1958
  • Height: 173 cm (5 ft 8 in)
  • Weight: 66 kg (145 lbs)
  • Measurements: 94D-66-91
  • Eye color: Green
  • Hair Color: Brown
With her long-legged, incredibly voluptuous frame, it was inevitable that Porn Star Tracey Adams would make her name as one of the top performers in the world of big-boob specialty tapes. From the moment of her 1985 debut, Tracey Adams were among the most sought-after breasts in the business. Much more than just a set of jiggling jugs, though, she is also a quite respectable actress, given the chance. During the course of her carnal career, Tracey Adams grew from a shy, reserved young lady into a slightly thicker, full-bore sexual predator. Tracey Adams left the business in the late 80's to try and break into the world of mainstream R-rated B-movies, but despite several quality performances, her 'legit' career just didn't pan out. She soon returned to the arena where she was a star and reclaimed her place as a top starlet. In flicks like 'Buttman's Big Tit Adventure' and 'The French Connexxion,' she showed that she hadn't lost a step. There's an air of class to everything this lady does, and her grace and style lend a touch of sophistication to even her raunchiest videos. Tracey Adams once again left the scene in late 1992, but occasionally turns up in one-shot sex scenes here and there. She's currently living the life of a confirmed lesbian and has been living with her Sapphic partner for the past eight years. With over 150 films under her belt, Tracey Adams never fails to turn the heat up a notch with her wild sexual appetites.
10 +1 -1 DrVictorStrange 11 months ago

She was the first porn start I ever watched in a movie. Could never forget that rack!!!

10 +1 -1 bonelike 1 year ago

she had a sensual look, i always dream of porking her!, one of the legends of the golden era!

38 +1 -1 Mr.Adams 2 years ago

Like the way she talk

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