Two scenes from Four on the Floor (1969, softcore)

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Description: The first is a girl-girl scene, but don't look for muff-diving; this is softcore. It is sweet and affectionate and ends with a rather cute breach of the fourth wall. Immediatly following (and announced by one of those hand-made intertitle cards) is a foursome that is sex--such as sex is depicted in this softcore opus, with the guys keeping their shorts on. The ladies, on the other hand, lose their duds and give us the first fleeting taste of the FFN that will dominate the party scene to come later. //Tech: Very narrow range of usable color, particularly in the first scene. Pulling it out caused a lot of mottling which is only partly removed. Strangest, though, is a continuous, cyclic fluctuation of brightness in the first scene that is impossible to correct without investing a lot more time than I have to spare for this. Sorry. :-/