Sizzling Summer

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Description: Personally I think Karen Summer really shines in this Taurus production feature, Karen was an immense talent who was made for the industry with tangible charisma, sexual know how, a wonderful attitude, a solid actress and she did translate that into her performances, this film is just one of many proofs, although this time, it's all about Karen and no one else. It supposedly is an autobiographical picture of the real Karen Summer's love and sex life from her high school years to the present day but I took it with a grain of salt as I think most of the people watching will as it's difficult to prove the legitimacy or differentiate from a lot of B grade dramas. She talks to the camera as if it were the fans getting the personal inside story as she states she is greatful to her fans and she owes them. Something unusual about, "Sizzling Summer" is that is a tragic tale with a dark edge which is not really resolved in the end, unusual that is for an american porn film of that year. Dorothy Onan is credited at the end but does not appear, Desiree Lane is credited but appears for literally a second in an outtake from, "Little Often Annie".
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