Gidget Goes Bi

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Description: Anyone making a bisex feature has to decide one thing right from the start: do you aim for the straight or gay market? This one is aimed at the gay market. There isnt a straight sex scene, unless you count the obligatory lesbian scene which seems to be every straight mans fantasy. Julie Bond plays Gidget, a transsexual nympho whos supposed to still be in high school. No one knows what he/she is, except for Randy cochran who uses that knowledge to get into Bonds panties. The rest of the feature tells of Bonds friends discovering this Legend. One redeeming factor here is Samantha Strong featured in the lesbian scene with Cassie Nova and in another scene with David Ashfield and Matthew Windsor going after each other and her. Otherwise, the camerawork is uninspired, the editing is choppy, and the feature fails to generate any sustained sexual heat. Still, the idea is a cute one, and it is different from most of the mass cranked-out bisex tapes on the market.