Bare Waves

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Description: Mike Horner stars as a late-night DJ whose female fans keep driving him to distraction. He's a lusty lothario whose show on KZZR radio keeps gal calling in and telling him all about their lusty liaisons. He gets a ring from jiggly Jeannie Pepper, whose boyfriend has left her in the lurch. Of course, her two scrumptious blonde gal pals help soothe her feelings with some steamy Sapphic sizzle. Later, a relaxing blonde gal calls up and lets Horner know all about her steamy threesome with her hubby, a black gal and a banana. Meanwhile, Horner is trying to keep his own relationship with a leggy lust bunny afloat -- somehow something keeps interrupting them at the worst possible moment! Just as he's really getting revved up, he'll hear the record skipping on the radio and realize that he needs to rush back to the studio to save face. The finale finds Horner in the studio when a pair of slender blonde beauties walk in. They're determined to show him just how much they love his show, so they delve into a delirious threesome that builds to an explosive back door finale. Filled with wacky comedy, gorgeous gals and fiery frolicking, 'Barewaves' is surely headed to the top of the charts!