Big Abner

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Description: Big Abner is played by Sonny Landham, who went on to star in many 80's Hollywood blockbusters, including very memorable roles in 48 Hours and Predator. Big Abner is the champion folk of mountain lover and he is finally here. Big Abner is the ultimate mountain, hillbilly chap and he messes around with every girl in town. In this film you will meet all of Abner's back hill friends, all of the folks, including SEXY SADIE, the MONEY MAD MAYOR, the friendly GOAT GIRL 'PIG PEN', who farms her soft flurry friends but fonds for things long and hard, like Abner's cock. There is a great scene where a fat horny hillbilly named Tiny has his cock sucked in a barn, and let's not forget the mayor's incredibly sexual daughter, Ellie May. Big Abner is the wackiest and wildest hillbilly sex romp of all time. FUNNIEST AND NASTIEST! A true classic, transferred from 35mm negative and digitally re-mastered.