Miami Vice Girls

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Description: Cricket and Juggs are the hottest undercover narcs who ever snorted a coke trail! They've been on a dope stakeout for two weeks trying to trap "Mr. Big "who operates out of an apartment loaded with consenting adults. In apartment 4A we have an artist who spends more time on the sheets then on the canvas. His wife does not know that he has a mistress and vice-versa! He never seems to sell any paintings and yet he services both these beauties in style. Could he be Mr. Big? And what about the couple in 3D? She is a nympho working her way through the Fifth Precinct and her old man who keeps returning with packages wrapped in plain brown paper. Definite suspects! Poor Juggs and Crocket. They are so hot from watching all the action across the alley. That can not keep their hands off each other. But wait !! There's heavy action in apartment 5C! The notorious "Neal Scallopini" arrives with two gorgeous broads and the stuff! Cricket and Juggs make their move. In a surprise climax, Juggs and Cricket get their man AND their woman AND the stuff !! MIAMI VICE GIRLS 1985