Guess Who Came At Dinner

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Description: A first-rate frolic, this scintillating feature begins with Joey Silvera enjoying a vacation at some secluded island resort. While there, he falls in love with delectable black beauty Angel Kelly, and after some blistering sex they decide to get married. Joey brings her home with him, only to confront the racial prejudices of his uptight family. His wealthy boyfriend John Leslie disapproves of bringing a black woman into the family, as does Leslie's stern German wife Angela Baron. Meanwhile, the family's black staff thinks that Angel's just a gold digger out with her eyes on the cash. All it takes is some searing sex to set them all straight, though. The whole thing is played at a very tongue-in-cheek level, with more than enough stellar sexual action to carry the day. Jeannie Pepper and Billy Dee engage in a steamy all-black boff in the laundry room in one great scene, while Joey takes on Angela in a white-hot shower scene. Angel finally convinces Leslie that she's not so bad by treating him to a taste of her chocolate charms. The whole thing gets really wild when Rev. Mike Horner and his wife show up for the wedding -- and an orgy ensues! A great pick for fans of interracial romping.