Exotic classic clip with Ursula Gaussmann and Veronica Moser

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Description: A life of paid passion has led our elegant heroine to contentment and luxury. She is delighted to regale us with more stories of her sumptuously erotic experiences…Everything went well for Josephine after her return from Hungary. She bought a shop and ran a lucrative brothel. One day the constabulary hauls her off to jail where two guards trick her into pleasuring them before she’s deposited in a cell with a group of unrefined street whores. Three male prisoners have paid for access to the women. Three street girls push their pussies through the bars for stroking, cooing like doves. Josephine remains aloof at first but the lure of sex is too strong. One man, Poldi, bribes a judge and gets himself and Josephine released. Poldi greets her at his friend Frans’ house where Frans’ sex, starved wife has a rendezvous with Poldi. When Frans catches them, Josephine, Fanny and Poldi run away. Polidi takes them to the house of Vladimir, a wealthy friend who is hosting a Roman style orgy, with Kossak dancing! In such a liberated environment, Fanny and Josephine feel immediately at home. The lovely actress playing Ms Mutzenbacher looks like Rula Lenska. As ever, fantastic attention to detail - back-ground settings, costumes and attitudes of the time. Apart from romping all the way through with wall-to-wall sex, the humour and pure intrigue make this series hugely enjoyable.