Incredible interracial classic movie with Claudia Stanton and Karen Reed

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Description: Billy, our hero, has a serious psychological problem - women. He also has a fetish... Peanut Butter. It seems through a traumatic experience with his Aunt, wherein she catches him masturbating, she leads him through a lesson in love making (more for her own enjoyment than Billy's). When Billy will not perform cunnilingus with Aunt Opel, - dear old Auntie "adds a little flavor with a strategic spread - of her legs and some of the 'Super Chuck'" Peanut Butter. Billy gets his (no pun intented) nut off and is off on his confused fantasy about Peanut Butter and Sex - they somehow go together. Anyway, this film provides a few recipes not found in Ana Belle's "Gourmet Peanut Butter Cookbook" Everyone's sure to enjoy.