Book Of Fantasy

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Description: Guy and Stephanie have diner at the restaurant, while Mark with the complicity of the valet, is robbing their apartment. When sharing the loot, Mark inherits a mysterious diary containing the most perverse fantasies of Stephanie. The couple discovers the damage and Guy, moved by the apparent disorder of his wife, sends her on vacation on the boat of her cousin Roxanne. The two females in heat will have lesbian relations, wholeheartedly, and reach orgasm while the exhaustion.... Mark, lured by the confidences of the diary, followed Stephanie and turns, without her knowing, her epistolary dreams into reality: horse racing, ass naked on the rump of the stranger soaked with sweat and cum, intimate photo sessions without consent, repeated assaultes by tramps in a filthy caravan, violent double penetrations, orgiastic gang bangs ... She dreamed of a masked man : Zorro fucks her from behind on her knees, with enraged cock shots. She wanted to expose herself ... the devil in the flesh, she makes a hot striptease to the death on the boat deck, offering her body to the wind, to the sea spray and to the mast. The stiffly missus (or the upper-middle class woman or the bourgeoise) was hiding a hell of a slut, that Marc reveals in all its glory, its decadence, its most legend intimacy. She swallows gallons of sperm, drips from her holes, dirty nails masturbate her and have her enjoying it like a bitch ... This film is a revelation: sometimes just a mundane robbery can kill the faithful woman and wake up the whore …