Happy Holidays

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Description: There are several unidentified males, but Gerd Hartig plays the dad of the Stiller family. The voice over is by the late Hans Paetsch. An hour-long film using both British and continental European actors. Sound not in English. Claudia Mehringer is seen in Trafalgar Square and then teasing her boyfriend in a bedroom. This leads to sex. She then takes a ferry to the continent and has sex with a man in her cabin. In Hamburg, she meets the Stiller family with whom she is staying and they are seen around the dinner table. She is then seen masturbating on her bed. The young girl of the family (Dorle Buchner) seems to apply for a job and has lesbian sex with an older blonde (XNK0583). We then see the blonde girl(Barbara Korneck) of the family she is staying with having sex with a male to facial and a different brunette (Helen Thomas) visits a sex therapist with her boyfriend and then plays the submissive to a male, watched by an older man.