Heisse Spiele im Pensionat

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Description: Stories which take place in girl's colleges were quite popular in the French porn films of the seventies and early eighties. The story here is mostly very similar to all the others. Schoolgirls try to seduce their teachers who can't resist for long.The college is located in peaceful countryside among small villages and green meadows. The class consists of about 15 attractive young girls but unfortunately only four of them are involved in real hardcore action. Most scenes are pretty short with a lot of piano music. Celine Gallone plays the leading part. She's not only debauching the male characters but has also a love affair with her fellow female student, a tall blackhaired cutie.Things get out of control when the first male pupil arrives and the girls become rivals. Celine's girlfriend then falls in love with her gym teacher (Jean-Pierre Armand), but after she spies on him screwing Celine she runs into a car and dies. In the end the school is closed because of financial problems and everyone goes his own way.Sex action starts at night in the dorm with the two cuties caressing each other. This culminates in some pussylicking and dildo fun. On the next day the young goodlooking newcomer named Patrick arrives. Before this his girl (Lucie Doll) gives the gymteacher a quick outdoor blowjob.Celine takes the opportunity to guide the boy through the building. In the bathroom they take a break for a short but intensive ride. She pulls out and jerks him off on her belly.The female teacher (Dominique St. Claire) catches them at it and asks him to come to her office. We do not see his face because he's now wearing a gorilla costume (???!!!) and penetrates her with some kind of rubber penis.Meanwhile a redhead and Celine's girlfriend give head to the old cook named Ton-Ton (or something like that). After a short while they stroke him off. The horny gym teacher and Celine meet in the bathroom. He takes her from behind until her back gets covered with cum.Next we find Dominique lying naked in the meadow