Il Mistero Del Convento

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Description: When the notorious felon, Racquel is finally captured and handed over to Warden crews for a lengthy priguy term, the warden couldn't be happier. Once Racquel was locked into a priguy cell with the rest of her gang, the warden could take satisfaction in knowing that these "Bad News Bitches" were permanently on ice. Unfortunately for the warden, Racquel has a different agenda. Overpowering the priguy guard, Racquel introduces them to the ordeals of the whip, bastinado, clips and pins to let them know how it feels on the receiving end for a change. Then Racquel's cellmates must experience the fury of her wrath. She accuses them of being unfaithful while in priguy. Now these are tow more naked, quivering beauties to deal with, and Racquel lets them know exactly what she thinks of disloyalty. After quenching her thirst for vengeance, Racquel escapes from priguy, proving once again that not ALL bad girls get punished!