Death Shock

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Description: The story, of which there is precious little, concerns a group of 6 friends on a journey to Norwich, whos car runs out of petrol in the middle of nowhere and are offered shelter for the night in a country mansion house. And thats pretty much it. Throw into this heady mix a bit of De-vil Worshipping and the obligatory retarded cook/manservant come dogsbody and the slutty maid, and you have a pretty good idea what its all about. As a horror film it fails miserably, basically because there is none. Again as a sex film, considering what was going on in the rest of Europe and the USA at the time, its light years behind the times, but again, that can only be attributed to the laws of the land at the time, but on an exploitative level it very nearly works, its just the right side of sleazy and cheesy to make it worth buying.
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