Gejagte Sexmauschen

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Description: While fooling around with his girlfriend in the countryside, a schoolboy [he looks about 24 years old, but never mind] observes a couple of gangsters doing something sinister in the vicinity. He enlists the help of a classmate [another 24-year-old] and they follow the villains. One of them follows a little too closely and gets caught, and the gangsters him and lock him up in their headquarters, apparently a bar. It then appears that they deal, which comes as a bit of a relief, because so far in the film their only remotely wrong act was to treat German currency disrespectfully. Because these losers are too busy shagging their dolls they pay no attention to their captive and our hero can escape, and a chase ensues. In the time-honoured tradition of German sex comedies the chase leads through a bedroom where a couple are having sex. Meanwhile, the other boy had alerted the police and they raid the joint. After that, we see our two heroes enjoy the financial reward from the authorities, immediately followed by further good news: They receive an even bigger reward from rivalling dealers (who now have a monopoly), both financial and in kind, the latter in the form of Juditha Arlou. The sound of the film was dubbed afterwards - a pretty lacklustre effort, sometimes unintentionally funny.