Othello 2000

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Description: Life is pretty strange. Your name is Desdimona and mine is Othello. Not to say that has anything to do with Shakespeare. I just thought it was funny. Actually, whats funny is that Othello speaks dialogue with an American accent and voiceover with an Italian one, but this line is worth noting because its virtually the only connection at all to the alleged source material. The plot of this Othello involves the planning of a crime. Which in turn involves having lots of sex. The only other glimpse of Shakespeare comes when Othello wonders how Cassio got hold of Desdimonas strawberry-spotted handkerchief. Or, in this version, her leopard-print thong. The flick also has a brief entry in Shakespeares After Shakespeare: An Encyclopedia of the Bard in Mass Media and Popular Culture: A series of unrelated interracial trysts, opening with a scene in which drifter Othello rescues Desde-mona from a harassing motorcycle gang. Little Shakespearean content beyond the title, character names, and interracial nature of the couplings.