Strange Family Mix

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Description: Theres a family reunion planned, but Paula Stewart seems strangely unenthusiastic. How come? Ill tell you if you let me eat you, she tells her girl! This certainly is a Strange Family. A flashback reveals that she was shocked when the massage parlor patron whose pocket she was picking turned out to be her Uncle Wayne. And Uncle Wayne was a bit surprised to recognize his niece after hed gotten done porking her. Could cause family friction. Speaking of friction, Cousin Jack puts clothespins on Cousin Flories nipples before she goes down on him, just before another cousin shows up with a bag owhips & sex toys and gets it on with the two girls. Finally, everybodys getting good and laid except uptight Cousin Maude. Possibly its the sight of cousin Barts tres avant garde french tickler, but Maude finally gets hot. Lets put everything in the kitchen up her, suggests someone, but they stick to the usual utensils. Theyre using poor Maude for a picnic table when Uncle Wayne finally shows up and a final orgy leaves everybody with that good old Mormon Tuesday Family Night glow.