Dyke Overflow 2

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Description: For such a compilation would like to say a special thank you to those studios who make them. And it's not even that collected some extra sexy actress and excerpts from films, although it is present. The fact that those movies, scenes of which are collected in this volume entitled "Lesbian flood", has, unfortunately, it is practically impossible to buy even the largest western online stores. And all because the movie came out on VHS and have not been digitized at the right time in the right place. Based on the situation, the only thing that remains to fans of movies beginning of the 1990s - wait, what ever data films will be digitized and posted on trackers by individual enthusiasts. Special thanks to the company Videoteam for scenes involving PJ Sparxx, Melanie Moore and Debi Diamond. Melanie Moore got all 4 of the 24 scenes of this compilation, Debi - 3 times. We were pleased as Crystal Wilder, who was at one time one of the most sought-after actresses. Enjoy classic gentlemen spectators.