Rosemaries Schleckerland. Fruhstuck bei Fickanys

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Description: Felix Rammler thinks he's off to Istanbul for three weeks, leaving his wife Susi bitterly alone. When his boss informs him the trip has been postponed for five days, Felix is ​​unsure how to spend his time in Munich. Luckily Taxi driver Tony Bock walks into frame, who knows all the dirtiest dives and holes in town, and has him settle in a hotel / brothel called Pension Paradies, where the chambermaids are included in the price. Bock und Rammler then set off on a so called 'Spritz tour'. First stop is the apartment of Roberta, who is just about to play a game with her girlfriends Jane and Maya along with Alphonse. This guessing game centers around the men having to guess which naughty part belongs to which lady. When the men fail to collect any points, there follows a silly wanking routine to decide which one has first dibs on the women. Meanwhile Fellix's spouse Susi is bored, lonely and unable to fall arelax, so she calls her old friend Rosemary who now runs a private club and does not mind taking calls while servicing two men simultaneously. Susi gets so excited she decides to visit Rosemary the next day.