Stick in the rear 2

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Description: Another 'inside' look at the biz that's really just another way of making an all-sex feature without having to bother to hide the lights and camera equipment. Paul Norman plays himself, besieged by problems on the set. He tosses the script out and lets the cast improvise their scenes ... which, on the whole, are pretty dams good. Francesca Le may not grace the cover, but she does grab the best sequence, in the kitchen. Nick East bakes his loaf in her backdoor breadbox in a sizzling anal repast. The Doughboy himself also gets Le'd in an exterior scene that's performed standing up. At first, covergirl Chantilly backs out of squeezing anyone's salami except her boyfriend Marchello's, but Cal Jammer proves to be too irresistible, so she does him on a blanket in a beautiful exterior setting. But every dog ​​has his day, and Marchello gets bone waxed up her butt in an empty tub, later on. Even though the concept is a cheat, Norman pulls it off with five nice sequences. Now get back to plots, ya knucklehead! Good packaging.