Taboo V

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Description: Taboo 5 Description: 'Voluptuous Colleen Brennan is Mary. Split personas of a Madonna by day and a seductress by night, she drives her guy wild with illicit desires. Jamie Gillis returns as Dr. Lodge. His love affair with his girl Robin in TABOO IV is over, as his other girl? S love affair is just beginning. He fills the void in his heart for his girl with the beautiful and voracious Amber Lynn in her most stunning performance. Her body exudes sheer sexual essence as she loves, lies and defiles herself for her sadistic enjoyment of his misery. Karen Summer is Naomi, girl of Dr. Lodge and new wife to a hot, up-and-coming director who has to put his womanizing ways away for his new bride, but can he? 'Kirdy Stevens masterfully penetrates the decadent world of Legends as no other adult film director can.'