The Ecstasy Girls

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Description: A very complicated plot in which Jamie Gillis plays an out of work actor who has been reduced to being a gigolo to the stars. His former agent turned pimp, Charlie, sends him on an assignment. The next day Jerry goes to a party at the house of J.C. Church, a party that he knows Charlie will be attending, hoping to hit him up for some acting work. Charlie give him the brush off, and in his anger, Jerry insults another party guest, the niece of his host. To work off his anger, Jerry nails Charlie's girlfriend. The next day J.C. approaches Jerry with a proposal. Jerry is to get some sexual dirt on JC's girl, Madelyn and four nieces, Constance, Barbara and twins Nancy and Diane so that his rich, dying, puritanical guy will disinherit them and leave all his money to JC. Enlisting the aid of wanna be filmmakers George and Archie Jerry proceeds to seduce the five women and film each encounter. The last girl to be filmed is Diane, the nice twin. Jerry falls in love with her in the process of seducing her, and abandons his attempt to frame her. Instead, Jerry confesses all to Madelyn and together they turn the tables on J.C., revealing their own naughty footage of J.C. in ladies frillies. To add insult to injury, they also inform J.C. that his guy is not going to die after all, so instead of everything, J.C. is not even going to get the one sixth he would have normally received. Also, Jerry will now probably become his nephew. It all works out, however, as they become one happy family, making a film together starring Diane and Jerry, directed by Archie and produced by J.C. There were numerous sequals.