The Perils of Prunella

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Description: This kinky tale of bondage and discipline starts with Prunella staying late at work, she accidentally stumbles upon a gag and handcuffs in her boss' desk. Since nobody is in the office she decides to try them on. While admiring herself in the bathroom mirror Prunella drops the key to the handcuffs, at this moment her boss unexpectedly comes into the office and notices the lights are on, she then stumbles across Prunella decked out in her bondage accessories. The boss laughs at her in this awkward situation and eventually helps her out of the handcuffs and gag. Embarrassed Prunella leaves to meet her boyfriend. The next day we see Prunella coming back to her house after playing tennis, when she walks into her living room she is stunned to find two intruders there waiting for her. The two proceed to fuck and take her to a mysterious Chateau, while there she is introduced to Sir James, who runs a white serf / B & D business and sells his 'trained' girls to a group of rich clients. From this moment on Prunella is tied up, gagged, tickled, whipped, hung upside down and chained in order to make her a perfect 'serf'.