Ursula l'esclave de l'amour

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Description: Ursula finds her husband Charles, busy with his Legendary at his office. She immediately leaves him and takes her little girl Delphine with her. As they travel in her car, it goes off the road. The girl is broke and Ursula becomes amnesiac. She can not stand Charles anymore as he has now become unknown to her. She prefers her nurse Josette's lovemaking. Charles tries to bring her memory back by showing films about their girl at winter sports. To no avail. He then tries to make her jealous by making love to Josette but she joins them unaware of the real situation. Charles seeks help from Anne-Marie, a psychologist who suggests group therapy, which ends up in an orgy. Later on, Charles and Ursula get relax in a night club and end up making love together. Yet, on the morning, Charles finds himself alone in bed. He goes to Anne-Marie's and finds comfort in her arms. In the meantime, Ursula has seen the doctor who had taken care of her after her accident, and he tells her that she's been pregnant for two months. She asks him for an abortion and to make love to her. He agrees on the last suggestion! A few months later, Charles who is about to put an end to his life gets a phone call telling him that Ursula is about to give birth to her man. The couple ends up together ready to start anew.