Marylin, Mon Amour

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Description: First we see Olinka in a photoshoot dressed as Marilyn Monroe with the wind blowing up her dress, in front of three models dancing. The models leave and Olinka has sex with her lover on the sofa in the studio. For reasons explained only later in a flashback, Olinka drives off to the coast to a house owned by Gabriel Pontello for comfort, but she is upstairs when he arrives with his girlfriend and Olinka sees them having sex. She is persuaded to be reconciled to this however. Then Laura Clair arrives and Olinka immediately drags her off to the pool. Gabriel and his girlfriend watch then Gabriel joins them after having the girlfriend at the window. She cavorts in front of a very phallic capstan-like thing around which the rope on the balcony is secured. A bearded male arrives (some sort of salesman?) and the girlfriend seduces him. Olinka, Laura and Gabriel walk off and Olinka explains why she has run off to Gabriel. In a flashback she is seen opening the door to the female dressing room to find an orgy in full swing involving the three female models (Maria Granada, her boyfriend (Antony Ray), André Kay, Dominique Aveline and a young dark haired male. Then, back in the present, they hear of Olinkas boyfriend being dragged out of the harbour. They rush down, but there is time only for a few last words to Olinka. Mysteriously we then see Olinka doing her Marlene Dietrich act (top hat, tails and fishnet stockings) in a cafe and then having sex with Eric Dray after the customers have left.