Crazy – Um Dia Muito Louco

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Description: Nandinho kills his roommate Teodoro with five shots in the bathroom. When he is preparing to bury him in the backyard, the doorbell rings and an aspirant actress, Belinda, arrives and Nandinho learns that Teodoro had advertised a room in their house on the previous day. Nandinho promises to rent the room to Belinda and asks her to leave, but immediately after the pious Bible seller Durvalina rings the doorbell wanting the room. Nandinho promises a space to her in the house but then the next-door neighbor Hugo arrives seeking out Teodoro to borrow his camera to lure two college girls and aspirant models that believe he is a professional photographer and have sex with them. Nandinho is interrupted many times and is unable to bury Teodoro, but out of the blue, Durvalina returns and discloses a secret to Nandinho