Clinique pour soins tres speciaux

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Description: Jean-Claude (Dominique Saint-Claire) is busy in bed with Lucie Doll when her husband pops in after his day's work, and sends him to hospital. From now on, we forget all ideas of a story since there will be none. Just a series of short 'vaudevillesque' scenes. So many attemps at some sort of humour - well I suppose I could do without, but since they are in there... So we are treated with various objects and situations such as: Cyril Val (Docteur Rollin) trying to perform enema on every hole he can approach; a very caring nurse Sophie Duflot who also happens to be the Head Doctor's little darling-of-a-nurse and assistant, and teaches a pussy how to smoke with Elodie Delage who comes across a squeaking penis in a corridor...
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