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Description: Juicy French Collette is beautiful but frustrated and willing to try anything to experience sexual fulfillment. She is a sex kitten in every way but one- and that makes her act like an alley cat. On her own in the sexual jungle she is a tiger. She will pout, purr,arch her back. But her acrobatic encounter with an underground preacher just whets her apetite for cream. Those hands-on lessons she has been taking from her wild blonde nymph of a roommate are exciting but they just don't get it done. When she explores psychiatry, it is the good doctor and his heady nurse who come through- though she is with them every step of the way. Collette's soft,luscious body, delicate face and delightful French ways should send any male into a frenzy. She follows a mach man to his lair offering warm oils and hot female flesh. But, he is only interested in his own thing. She goes home, alone. It is in her own backyard that her nature loving neighbor lifts the film to a horny climax. Ecstasy at last. Collette is the animal she always wanted to be. It is a sensational first meow.
Models: Guy Thomas