The 3 Phases Of Eve

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Description: In this take-off of the Oscar-winning Hollywood film, Sandi Carey plays Eve, a lovely housewife with three distinct multiple personalities who visits smarmy-looking psychiatrist Dr. Bushnell (Ric Lutze). Eve #1 is the prim and proper wife; Eve #2 is a sensuous lover, and Eve #3 is a sexually insatiable swinger. You can guess that since this is a sex film, Eve #3 is the primary focus! Eve #2 makes love to her husband while dinner burns on the stove; Eve #3 has a threeway with hubbie and muscular superstud Rick Cassidy; and Eve #1 is forced into a foursome with Suzanne Fields in a giant bouffant wig, Mindy Brandt, and a hairy mustachioed Romeo that transforms into an orgy when Dr Bushnell arrives!