Bucky Beaver's Stags Loops And Peeps #094

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Description: An Elvis-haired guy in a striped shirt feels up a dark-panty-hosed brunette... A curvy, tousled, enthusiastic choad-chomper who gives a sexy, delirious performance!... A foursome gets it on - including a couple of cute hippie chicks - in frantic action... And a skinny guy sheds his boxers for a shapely brunette... While two very foxy long-tressed hippie chicks pull the pants of a lucky dude and entertain him over-under-sideways-down!A horny fella in white pajamas reads skin mags, stroking himself to sleep, and dreaming up a pretty brunette. A lush blonde and pixie brunette on a blue spread and blue satin sheets precede a skinny guy with the worst haircut in history - unworthy of his pretty blonde... Poolside, a hunky dark-haired fella muff-dives a cute zaftig sweetie... And a young blonde and young brunette - both dolls in Fredericks lingerie - get friendly!A pretty, black bouffant babe and a pasty-white dude do the nasty... While a handsome couple - sideburns and bell-bottoms - stroll on Hollywood Blvd. to their love nest... An interracial lezbo interlude follows... And a Ramone-haired guy and Annie-haired cutie share a very real sexy encounter with nice oral action