Dr. Strange Sex

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Description: He's really heating up the cold war! When a hot and horny atomic scientist (Dr. Michael Andrews) gets too big for his pants, the Pentagon sends him to a Brazilian resort to cool down his overheated proton gun. Accompanied by an equally rambunctious Secret Service agent (Jack Phillips), the two of them start a chain reaction of nuclear nookies that's headed for a meltdown in Dr. Strange Sex. However, the KGB has a secret weapon to trap this fun-loving physicist... a tantalizing Russian agent named Karina who soon gets the good doctors' energy particles flying. Jack doesn't do badly either. He and gorgeous hotel guest Ann do a little audacious atom splitting themselves. Finally, the Russians call in a special hit-man when Karina falls in love with Dr. Andrews. But this carnal comrade soon gets waylaid by two hot blondes who aren't afraid to dabble in foreign affairs.