Gamines Ouvertes Aka Bekenntnisse Einer Unersattlichen

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Description: Alban visits Elodie again and gets a bj, he beckons the voyeur to come over and they have a threesome. Celine visits and she and Elodie put on a show for the voyeur. Elodie and Celine visit Mika together - g / g / g. We then see Elodie and Celine in the bath together. Then Celine and hubby in bath - facial. Elodie and the voyeur have sex. Elisabeth Bure and Andre Kay rrive. they have a foursome. Elodie and the voyeur visit Mika for a threesome. Elodie visits Bertrand to show him her notes / diary / drawing whatever, and sex ensues. At Mika's Celine is blindfolded in presence of the voyeur. Elodie and Bertrand arrive and there is a fivesome. God knows what it's all about.