Hotel Pour Jeunes Filles

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Description: Arriving at the place, our hero gets the right shape and gets to work. But how to begin to work did not, because it went to the laundry room and a very close acquaintance with the maid. In the hotel there are many guests, they give a generous tip for certain services rendered by lustful youth. The first such lodger was a young girl, she was able to excite not only the concierge, but after his departure, it was not enough and the decision to have fun with the shoes pleased her and curious neighbors, who were at that moment on the balcony, and they, in turn, drive-by skier . Take a break from the hard work, our hero goes to a small gym, but here he finds a young nurse, whom he loved, in addition to the room is something like a bandage bed, of course, it is also used. In the evening, our hero is invited to his room two young girls. Morning at the concierge were asked again to him ran the second maid. In the afternoon he went to the girlfriend have fun, and in the evening he was waiting for the birthday of Sheikh in the room, though there he drew only champagne, Sheikh chose only girls. Concierge decided to have some fun and invite your friends. They Nakuru, and drank together with the maids, as well as lodgers broke the sheikh and here is started .....
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