Surfside Sex

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Description: Paul Thomas and Kristara Barrington star as a couple who serve as the hosts of a wild swingers weekend in this blistering sexvid. The plot is simplicity itself, as Paul and Kristara invite over a bunch of lust-driven couples to their palatial seaside estate. The plan is to bring in the couples and then help them pair off in new and exciting combinations. Of course, with a list of invitees that includes such sexually precocious players as Tiffany Blake and Josephine Carrington, you just know that they'll meet with plenty of passionate success. There's a subplot tossed in about Sharon Mitchell and Peter North formerly being lovers and finding one another at the swing club, but the whole thing mainly serves as an exercise in erotic enchantment. Tiffany turns in one of the tastiest performances of her carnal career, romping her way through a frantic DP session with a pair of well-built studs. Kristara turns in one of her typically over-the-top performances, letting loose with the wild little that lurks just beneath her seemingly placid surface. A nice sexvid that delivers on its modest promises, this one's a good pick for anyone into old school action and all natural curves.