Love Witch

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Description: Seductive Soviet women, carefully selected for their “special qualifications,” give everything they have for a taste of a better life. Comrades Foxykova, Doncha Calmeabitch, and the innocent CherryKova, are super agents who must not fail! Or else it’s Siberia! They’re trained to tease, and then give you what you please, but they take your precious innocence, and your most guarded sec-rets. Into this world of high stakes and sexual intrigue comes an America a real American. It’s a lonely and frustrating life for a young marine guard at the American Embassy in Moscow. A man at the prime of his sex life, a time when sexual temptations holds a blinding power that can compromise event the best of our young men. This high gloss production delivers first class carnal comedy, high stakes drama, and the teasing temptations of sultry commie cuties.
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