Love After School

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Description: Love After School is an extracurricular fuckfest featuring demi-legend Eve Orlon as "an unusual gal" who’s got "her own sex thing."Translation: she’s a sex-ed teacher who supplements her in-class instruction by visiting her students at home and giving them live demonstrations. Gadzooks! The students eagerly look forward to these visits because, like all American boys and girls, they wish to learn "how to properly fuck." "Teach" keeps up a running commentary of pseudo-educational nonsense, but after gawking at the demos and making sophomoric cracks, the students volunteer to give their own live demonstrations. Which is what we were waiting for, right? Before you can say, "Pop Quiz," the entire class is participating in a hardcore Show & Tell, providing their own idiot commentary. The girls are all cute and delicious, there’s a crazy narrator who talks to the movie, not in it, and if you’re anything like the Deviate, you’ll find yourself longing wistfully for those bodacious days of gang-bangs and bongs — when love came as close as it ever will to actually being free.