Passion Chain

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Description: Weird science! Professor Ed Hutton (Damien Cashmere) has a goal in life: to transfer the mind of one person to another. And he’s not going to let hard-nosed Dean Woodley (Nina Hartley) stop him (even if she does wear split-crotch panties). In fact, this video is just loaded with science. For instance, Billy Dee’s girlfriend invites a couple of teenagers to her place so Rio takes the Passion Chain. But unfortunately, she begins to lose her scientific detachment… and then the fun really begins. Returning to Cashmere, his experiment nears completion, and what better subject for the mind transfer than someone who’s his exact opposite: Billy Dee, the pimp? Well, the transfer is a success, and he decides to stroll around the campus and try out his new (black) body. And who should he happen upon first but Dean Woodley, who’s being pleasured by another student. The hot threesome that follows is well worth watching. Hartley continues to be one of the most sensual women in adult video today. There are a few more steamy liaisons before the big climax, where our hero tries to switch his and Dee’s minds back into their proper bodies using Elle Rio as the main link in the chain. Both Cashmere and Dee have to penetrate Rio, and the switch is supposed to take place as they reach orgasm. Are they successful (at anything besides a great sex show, that is)? Who cares? A sexvid that’s this much fun doesn’t really need a proper ending… and this one doesn’t have one.