A Mafia Sexual

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Description: I saw this trashy-porn-Brazilian flick at a theater about 20 years ago, if I remember correctly, I was around 15 or so, remember I AM Brazilian! I know most of you guys can't take on the dirty jokes or the gutter-mouth talking throughout the movie, but I gotta say that they kinda worked for the Portuguese-speaking audience at the time. Well, they got me going. Female Brazilian porn-stars at the time were far from the beauty standard of today, these days they're gorgeous, but back then they were... well, let's say that if they weren't all that, at least they compensated being filth and nasty and willing to do whatever crossed Sady's perverted mind. There's a curiosity in the jail scene: the attorney who comes to rescue Galego (the main character played by Sady Baby) is played by Pedro de Lara a famous TV actor who used to appear in a few popular shows on Sunday nights. Unfortunately, Sady Baby has supposedly killed himself by jumping from a bridge last year.
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