Um Pistoleiro Chamado Papaco

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Description: I really can't believe that I haven't cum across the underground Brazilian exploitation market sooner. It seems that our south-of-the-border friends have been churning out some seriously insane sleaze for years now, and until recently, it's slipped under my radar. Having newly discovered this niche-genre, I've gone on a bit of a binge, and will be sure to look into these films more fully. I don't speak Portugese, so I'm sure I'm losing some plot-points in translation, but A GUNMAN CALLED PAPACO is another trashy bit of sexy fun that is reminiscent of the spaghetti-westerns that it obviously is inspired by, and even has a healthy bit of a Jodorowsky feel to it. Papaco is a kick-ass gunman on his way to deliver an important parcel of sex-toys, contained in a coffin that he drags from location to location. Along the way, Papaco runs into several unsavory characters (including a midget pistolieri played by Chumbinho, of FUK FUK A BRASILEIRA "fame"), and several savory females who both help and hinder him during his travails... A GUNMAN CALLED PAPACO contains many elements that seem to be staples amongst 80s-era Brazilian hardcore/exploit films - namely graphic depictions of both gay and straight sex, some of which may turn off potential viewers. For those that are brave and open-minded, I think that Brazilian exploitation films will become to the newer-generation of exploitation fans what the Italian films were to mine. Thoroughly fun, often depraved, and always tongue-in-cheek (or "cheeks", depending on what set your talking about) - these zero-budget trash-fests are a delight, even if I can't understand what the f!ck they're talking about..