Teenage Runaways

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Description: A hard-boiled private eye finds himself being drawn into a wanton world of rock n' roll groupies, white and delirious debauchery in this wild scorcher. Wade Nichols plays the gumshoe, a mustachioed tough guy who fancies himself the king of the streets. The action starts when he finds that his senior partner's been crimered! Meanwhile, the sexy young runaway that he's been assigned to track down has been taken. Nichols vows to get to the bottom of things, shaking down a local pimp for info on the teenage runaway scene. He learns that a sex-fueled rock band is taking their young groupies and selling them into prostitution. Nichols goes to check out the band in action -- and what action it is! The concert turns into a full-fledged swingers' orgy, with folks frolicking all over the club. Eventually he tracks his come-hither quarry to a hotel room where she's being ravished by various members of the band. A surprise twist ending wraps things up in a tidy little bow, but not before you've witnessed scene after scene of white-hot 70s-style action. This one's a great example of how early porn flicks tried to fashion themselves as real movies -- the plot is every bit as important here as the sex. A torrid old school excursion into pure debauchery.