Crazy lesbian vintage movie with Jeff Golden and Billy Dee

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Description: Hot times, fun, sex, and lots of money - they're everything a girl could want ... except maybe peace of mind. Kat is part of a gang of thieving lesbians. This is her choice. She feels it's her only choice if she is to get all she wants out of life - that is, until she finds herself in a place where the choice is no longer hers, and where all will certainly be lost. It's pure fun at first, with Kat and her voluptuous comrade teasing their way to wealth and sexual adventure. But soon things fall apart. Kat meets with the frustrating temptation of a curious private eye, and his very private office girl. Her lesbian friends leave her no peace of mind. She's about to lose everyting. It's not until she encounters the wisdom of Al that she has a chance. It's not until she's reduced to her bare essence that she can find the truth for herself