Crazy lesbian vintage video with Wade Nichols and Jamie Blume

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Description: Remember "Laugh In" on TV? Here's an explicit sex version created by Chuck Vincent that you shouldn't miss. It begins with C.J. Laing being telephoned by Jeffrey Hurst, who tells her that he is horny and is playing with himself. Soon she reaches a climax and sighs, "That was really nice, Freddie." But that isn't his name, it's a wrong number. In the next scene, Jennifer Jordan demonstrates the bulgarian blowjob and is followed by a medical advice segment for the sexually confused. Jeffrey Hurst reads from Goose, with C.J. Laing playing the girl and Wade Nichols playing the wolf. A woman at her psychiatrist's office talks about how she became frigid. He begins screwing her, but she pays no attention to him. It all wraps up with a show called "What The Fuck Do You Do?," in which a panel guesses Annie Sprinkle's lines.